Filing petition with fabricated documents is condemned by High court of Karnataka in serious words.

In Cyril D'Souza vs Ponkra Mugera And Others 1998 (1) KarLJ 659, Justice H N Tilhari “This writ petition has got no merits and it, in my opinion should be dismissed with a note of caution to the members of the Bar and the Counsel of the petitioner as well, that in future, the Counsels should be very cautious in drafting, filing the petitions, affidavit etc. and see that the parties do not file writ petitions etc. with purged and forged documents, otherwise, they may have to face the serious consequences. Instead, this petition appears to be an attempt of the petitioner to procure some order from the Court on the basis of an agreement which prima facie appears to be an ante-dated document prepared after that date and it prima facie shows that a false document has been filed with false allegations, because if petitioner would have been in possession, penalty would have been realised from him, the allegations in the petition that the petitioner had been in possession and the date of grant also appears to be false. Filing a false affidavit and filing forged document, as per law laid down by the Supreme Court is nothing but an act illegal, interfering with the proper administration of justice and it prima facie makes out a case for contempt.”

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