The public man should have crystal-clear and transparent personality

In one of the judgment of their Lordships of the Supreme Court in State of Madhya Pradesh v. Ram Singh have observed as follows and it is quoted for your kind attention:-- "Corruption in a civilised society is a disease like cancer, which if not detected in time, is sure to malignise the polity of the country leading to disastrous consequence. It is termed as plague, which is not only contagious but if not controlled spreads like a fire in a jungle. Its virus is compared with HIV leading to AIDS, being incurable, it has also been termed as royal thievery. The socio-political system exposed to such a dreaded communicable disease is likely to crumble under its own weight. Corruption is opposed to democracy and social order, being not only anti-people, but aimed and targeted against them. If affects the economy and destroys the cultural heritage, unless nipped in the bud at the earliest, it is likely to cause turbulence – shaking of the socio-economi-political system in an otherwise healthy, wealthy, effective and vibrating society". IN A CASE REPORTED IN ILR 2000 KAR 637, 2000 (3) Kar LJ 432 OF S. Bangarappa vs State By Central Bureau Of Investigation, Anti Corruption Bureau, Bangalore, JUSTICE B Sangalad OBSERVED AS FOLLOWS: No doubt corruption affects the moral fabric of the society. The citizens lose their faith in the political leaders who shout that they are for the people. No doubt many people go unpunished although corruption causes considerable damage to the economy of the nation. The roots of corruption are so deep that it is an uphill task to eradicate them. It is only possible if and only if each citizen in our country follows the philosophy of contentment. To quench the thirst of greed and lust one must be drenched in shower of honesty and the fountain of sublime love should sprinkle the magical drops on the eyes of everyone who has shut his eyes for the reality of the life. Unless one tries to find a golden key to open the gates of wisdom, the heavenly life remains as a myth and we are all making the futile effort to attain divinity in our life. The public man should have crystal-clear and transparent personality. Ceaser's wife must be above suspicion.