There is a land within 120 metres from a village. Gram Thana land can be within 200 metres from the village. Under what provision is this there?

Rural Development and Panchayat Raj Secretariat

CIRCULAR No. RDP 124 BAC 90, Bangalore, dated 19th April, 1990

Sub: Comprehensive Development Plan of Bangalore—Re-vised Green Belt—Maintenance of—Revised instructions.

1. In Government Circular No. RDC 31 MIS 84, dated 20th August, 1984, it has been directed that the Village Panchayats located within the areas in the revised 'Green Belt' around Bangalore shall not issue licenses for any constructions or any building activities beyond their present 'Gramathanas' and 200 meters from the limits of these Gramathanas.

2. It has been decided by the Government that in order to avoid hapazard growth of village limits the village panchayats should be stopped from issuing licenses for construction in areas beyond the present Gramathana limits.

3. Now therefore in exercise of powers conferred by sub-section (3) of Section 54 of the Karnataka Village Panchayat and Local Board Act, 1959 and in supersession of the instructions issued earlier the Government of Karnataka, hereby direct that all the Village Panchayts concerned within the areas coming under the revised Green Belt as shown in the annexure appended hereto shall not issue licenses for construction of any building beyond their approved Gramathana limits and to hereafter restricted the exercise of such powers by the Village Panchayts/Mandal Panchayats to the licensing of construction of building only within the respective Gramathana limits and not upto 200 meters beyond these limits.

4. Suitable instructions may be issued to all concerned. A compliance report on the action taken in this behalf should be sent to Government by the Deputy Commissioner, Bangalore (Urban) District, Bangalore immediately.

Desk Officer,Mandai Panchayat,
R.D. & P. Raj Department.

Can this be agricultural or non-agricultural land?

Advice: The land is only kept out of green belt area, it may be agricultural or non agricultural depending upon it's permitted use by proper authorities.

Is conversion required?

Advice: Yes conversion is required through Deputy Commissioner.

Is there a restriction on acquisition of Gram Thana land?

Advice:No such restrictions is found by me.

If a sale deed is made mentioning gram thana land, on what basis is stamp duty paid; agricultural land or gram thana land?

Advice: If it comes within grama thana limit and it is agricultural land having RTC then stamp duty is on such agricultural land value fixed by department.